Create Lasting Memories

It seems like so often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to smell the roses.  I know it sounds a little cliche however it’s true. More so than you realize.  When was the last time you slowed down enough to notice what was really going on around you?  When was the last time you walked barefoot through the park, or played hopscotch with your kids.  Consider engaging your children on their level. Life is too short not to enjoy the small things.  “Stuff ” isn’t all that important when you’re not around to enjoy it.  Creating lasting memories often times require little to no financial input. You’ll be surprised that those insignificant moments to you created a lasting impact on your children.

I spend a lot of time with my kids being a stay at home mom and everyday is a joy.  I learn and experience something different with each of them. Taking nothing for granted and trying to teach them to do the same.  I give my kids each a mommy date day. This day comes with a day off from school where we hang out and do something they want to do. Each one gets their own day separate from their siblings.  It gives me a chance to focus on just that one child with no distractions. They have always looked forward to these days each school year. They also get those special days with their dad. He is a truck driver and he takes them one by one on the road with him during the summer months. Children grow up so fast.  I just asked myself, “where did the time go?” I have a son graduating from high school in a few months, a rising 10th grader and a rising 8th grader. It struck a nerve with me because I feel like I have so much yet to experience with them.  As kids get older they tend to want to hang out with their friends more and be more independent of their parents, but I feel its up to us (as parents) to continue to create those family, bonding moments separately and collectively.

Take some time and do something different. Surprise your family with a game night after dinner, or a walk on a nature trail. Get to know your kids and allow them to know who you are. Engage your spouse in date night. Reconnect with them and savoir those moments.  Reconnecting and building stronger bonds will allow you to reap lasting rewards for years to come.  Talk…..Yes, actually have conversations with one another  Put away the electronic devices and engage one another.  Share stories and create new ones!

creating memoriesThe little things are what we remember. The talks, the walks, the cry’s, the unspoken moments of  unconditional love.  It’s what we hold on to.  The Memories….making them and remembering them til the end.

Do something unexpected for someone unexpecting~Tamara


My Son

I felt the need to share this to give insight and a sense of honor for those that are Achromats or have some other disability. You don’t have to live in the shadows no matter what your disability may be.  Be the change you want to see, and don’t allow anyone to label you.  Take away from this an understanding that you are a unique individual that is just as deserving as anyone else.  Don’t Put yourself in a Box!!!!

My son has always excelled in school. Despite dealing with being blind, color blind, and having astigmatism he found a way to put the spotlight on his abilities.

  • He received the Presidential Gold Seal Award for Academics
  • He has competed an won all reading, science, and writing competitions in school
  • He has since kindergarten maintained an A-B grade
  • Since the 3rd grade he has been reading on a 2nd year college level
  • He actively participates on the varsity wrestling team
  • He has received over achievement awards on all standardized testing
  • He has taken AP, Honors and College Bound Courses
  • He even took the ASVAB test and scored higher than anyone in his high school (he can’t go in the military but he wanted to know how well he would do on the test, subsequently every military branch officer has called our home and gone to his school to speak with him)
  • He has been learning to drive within his limits.
  • He strategically taught himself how to recognize certain shades of color.
  • He was accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars
  • Dartmouth College and Cornell University offices of admission sent him a letters wanting him to attend thier school with offers of assistance with admision
  • He’s already been accepted into Ogelthorpe

Having read through some of the timeline from the Achromatopsia  FB group this is what he wrote;

“I see many different stories with the same context of ill prepared parents and with that comes children that even as they grow older have to play it by ear so to speak. I think its hard on both ends for the parent and child. The parent wanting to always help and do what’s right may end up pushing us to different things that may not help or are totally irrelevant to an achromats disability if you will. Again here we are the achromats, no have eye nor ear of anyone else like us within our own area(or is that just me). We are at a cross roads now and I can sum it up from my perspective like this, “We are to independent to be blind, however to blind to be independent”. What do you do when the world looks at you and expects you to perform at there level, yet inside looking out you know you are not like them? But look it’s society so you don’t fight it, you try to live with it not asking for the help you need, not wanting to be seen or labeled as something different. Alas we are different we have limitations that do not correlate with our normal appearance’s expectations. We are achromats whether BCM, incomplete, complete, whatever your case its all the same, a life of learning and adapting with the prologue to your story being more question than answer. I am De’Shun Brown and I do not suffer from achromatopsia, it is merely my chronic roommate:I am a 17yr old senior,145lb varsity wrestler.graduating AP/Honors student, in a PUBLIC high school and I say to any achromat or parent of one; whatever it is we can do it with respect to our chronic roommate.  ‎”I do not see life in color for I see it in its many opportunities” -JimmyHCO  I wrote this quote after seventeen years of sulking and feeling alone I have realized Achromatopsia is what makes me a stronger more rounded person.”

Being Human is to be disabled and Being disabled is to be Human ~ JimmyHCO


JIMMYHCO is my son’s alias on instagram

At this point in my son’s life he is facing the hardship of having pushed himself and gone beyond the limits of his visual abilities.  Headaches are coming frequently, he has eye fatigue more often, he is wearing his sun glasses even at home, he is now using his cane everyday,  he his utilizing his assisted aides at school, and he is requiring his teachers make all necessary alterations to his assignments.  It has been very difficult having to watch him go from being so independent to dependent. We think his limited sighted has been weakened by his over activeness.  Even with this shift I wouldn’t change anything about the way I raised him. I do believe this shift has given him the courage to accept himself  as he is and know that even with this disability he is just as deserving as anyone else.  He  now feels he doesn’t have to hide his disability from anyone by not using his aides in school. He no longer feels the need to fit in with normal sighted people. Using visual assisted aides carry with it a stigma that he never wanted to be associate with him. Now he understands it’s about his quality of life not the opinions of others.  He is an Achromat and  proud of it. A lesson hard learned but very well needed. I do feel that had I not pushed him we would have never known his full capabilities because schools try to put you in a box once you present with a disability and He has proven that your handicap doesn’t determine your outcome. His vision teachers and mobility teachers have all said, “he has taught them more than they have taught him.”  His goal for his life is to have a masters degree in psychology.


Tamara Brown

90 day Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories

I have Planted My Flag With Skinny Body Care! The Products are amazing, they work, and the cost is affordable.  It’s a Shame that People are so willing to spend thousands of dollars on Gastric Bypass Surgery, Lap Band Surgery and Liposuction but won’t spend $59.95 on an All Natural product. I am happy and proud to share an All Natural Product that is helping so many people in more ways than just weight loss.. If you want to support a LOCAL Business Owner then I’m your woman. We offer a 90 day money back refund with our products. You have nothing to lose.

I have a success story album of real results with Skinny Fiber! Have you seen my album? There are even more stories and more before and after pics uploaded from people who can’t wait to share their success with others. The testimonies are still pouring in about how this incredible product is changing lives all over the globe.  If you are my friend on facebook, twitter, linkedin, or google+ then you have been seeing my postings and updates regularly and know that I have been sharing these success stories for over a year now. Many of you reading this right now remember when I sent out my first broadcast asking you to be on my team last year. Since then, I bet you have received a ton of offers from others who just keep jumping from opp to opp in search of a real home. Well, I have found that home and I am still sharing the same opp as I was last year and still helping people change their lives. Is today going to be the day you finally jump on board this success train with me? Many have before you and they are already ahead of the game creating and securing their financial future with us.

I am including my awesome team (and my preferred customers who are taking the 90 day challenge with me) in this message. I am so proud of you who are staying committed to your decision to join our family and share it with everyone you know. You are building your own teams and getting the word out about our products. If you haven’t been keeping up on your biz though, go login now and see all the incredible enhancements made recently.

This is the link to the Real Results Album I spoke of     Save this link because there will be more success stories added to it for you to make an informed decision to try this product or try this biz.

Got questions about the product that is changing so many lives, check out the FAQ Section  I posted here

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So as you can see, we are still going strong. Many said we wouldn’t last but we are growing daily and changing lives around the globe. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there. Whether you join as a distributor or just try the product as a customer, you will have amazing support a long the way and I would love to add YOU to my Success Album as so many others are seeing and lovin their results too.

I look forward to hearing back from you and if you are taking the 90day challenge with me, be sure to share your before and after pics and you will be added to the Success Album growing daily.
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To Our Success,
Tamara Brown


Wife of a Truck Driver

My husband has been working in his dream job for 14 years. Driving OTR {Over The Road} doing what he has dreamed of doing since he was old enough to speak.  This started out as a great adventure for me as I had never really left the boarders of  my home state Georgia. With a 3 year old and a new born often times we packed up and hit the road with him.  It was during these times of travel early on that I gained a new respect for truck drivers and their families.  This is a hard life and a dangerous life. Getting paid to travel the country is the way I view it.  With the birth of our third son I traveled less often.  My friends often asked, “How do yo do it?… Your husband is gone for a week at a time and you are home alone with the kids.”  My response, “It gets easier as time goes on. You learn to develop a lot of trust and patience.”

As the children get older you have to start to deal with a lot of questions from the kids of why can’t dad make it to this, or when is dad coming back.  Those moments reduce you to tears. Even though my kids have grown up with their father on the road they still hate having him leave.  On those rare occasions when we all get the chance to ride with him all they do is sleep.LMBO…yeah they sleep and eat. In between that they do enjoy themselves. Especially when their dad let’s them walk around with him while he does his PTI {Pre Trip Inspection}, or sweep out the trailer.

I did attempt to learn to drive in hopes of becoming is partner on the road, but that didn’t go so well. I was afraid to back up with the trailer.  I learned a lot but driving I knew wasn’t going to be my thing. His ability to dictate his schedule became easier when he became an O-O {Owner Operator}.  With the rise in fuel prices and the many repairs we made the adult decision not to put our dream of working for ourselves before our family and turned the truck in.  You would be surprised at how many drives will not do that. So many drivers value that truck over there families. We look forward to doing it again.

This is a challenging life, but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.  I do admit there are times when I miss him so much it hurts to talk to him on the phone. I really takes a strong woman to live in this situation especially with children.  You have to be creative and learn to plan special away time just for the two of you.  It also helps to get the feel of what it’s like on the road at least once so you have an idea of what it’s like and not base everything from the movies,  t.v., or what you may have heard. Being sympathetic and knowing that you aren’t the only one lonely and missing him helps.  I try to make his job as a husband easier when he comes home. I make sure the grass get’s cut, the light bulbs that are out get changed stuff like that.  Even though he wants to still do things around the house as a husband should, I know those weeks he has ran hard he doesn’t need the added stress of knowing there are things around the house that need to be done.  I have some that say, “You are good because I wouldn’t do any of the things you do nor would I trust him out there like that.”  I look at it this way, we have a partnership. Our relationship has always been about compromise and not limiting one another to stereotyped roles.  I also know he would do the same for me if my job required me to be away from home like that.  We have a lot of trust in our relationship so as far as cheating is concerned that’s not something either of us are worried about.

The life we have chosen isn’t easy, but then whose is.  This is our life and we love it.

EnJoy Your Day

Easy Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss

1. Cut out the soft drinks, sugary coffees, and fast food. Not drinking soda, cuts out over 100 hundred calories.

2.Don’t try or expect to lose weight too fast. Aim for losing 1-2 pounds a week. This will ensure the weight will stay off.

3.Never compare yourself to others your body is unique to you! Comparing yourself to others will work against you.

4.Learn to Read the food labels. You will be surprised (or not) at what you have been putting in your body.

5. Drink Plenty of Water even when you don’t work out. It takes a lot to re hydrate you and helps to curb your appetite.

6.Find an exercise that works for you. As long as you burn off a certain amount of calories how you do it doesn’t matter.

7.Get a weight loss partner or accountability partner. Either way someone in your corner will help you lose more.

8.Burn calories when you can. Take the stairs instead of elevators, park far away and walk to store front, etc.

9.Listen to music while you work out it helps to keep your mind off the task at hand.

10.Trying products? Remember If you aren’t burning calories then you will not lose weight. Find something that allows you to burn calories.

11.While trying to lose weight try staying away from beer and alcohol.

12.Track your progress from the beginning with photos and /or a video diary.

13.Weight loss isn’t about losing pounds so don’t’ be obsessed with the scale.

14.Build up muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Another reason not to focus on the scale.

15. Fiber enriched diet helps promote weight loss as well. Increase your intake to help improve your digestive track.

16.There maybe an emotional component to your weight so join a support group or talk daily with friends and family.

**A Protein Enriched diet is important as Protein slows down your appetite**

**Beans nuts are meat substitutes**

To Our Success ~ Tamara Brown

The Real Deal on Skinny Body Care

I’m going to break it down to you.  I’m going to tell you the truth about what is going on with Skinny Body Care.  Everyone is always saying, ‘I don’t trust it, It hasn’t been around long enough, Does the product work, Can you make money with it.???’  I’m going to tell you the truth and you can tell anyone you read it here from me first.  I don’t mind.  I’m going to let you in on the Real Deal on Skinny Body Care……

Skinny Body Care is over a year old and is an internet based business.  You can join this company for as little as $10(that’s what you pay for lunch everyday) on top of the purchase of the product. The company even gives you the choice to buy more than one bottle of Skinny Fiber. To remain an active distributor all you have to do is purchase ONE bottle of Skinny Fiber. All you have to do to receive commissions every week & month is have purchased your ONE bottle of Skinny Fiber.  To advance in rank you must have purchased your ONE bottle of Skinny Fiber plus met the enrollment requirements.  You can come into this company already ranked just by buying one of the larger packs.. (We offer 3 packs).

Skinny Body Care gives you over 5 different websites to utilize. We have over 4 different languages translated plus links for those hearing impaired and closed caption.  We have a 24/7 support group to help you. We are in over 100 countries (marketing & selling). We have a dedicated training website that includes testimonials, calender of events, and much more.  We offer a power point presentation, banner ads, lead sources, follow up scripts, traffic rotator, weight loss tracker, source code embedding, live support chat, and so much more.

The nerve of Skinny not to make us do house parties, stock pile product in our home, or Saturday training ……. We are a true Home Based Business.  Skinny provides some  free marketing material such as an integrated video on your personalized websites that explain the business and product briefly. Pull tab flyers. You get access to a Facebook webinar that is avaliable 24/7.  No…. There are no costs associated with these marketing tools.  Yes….We are changing how internet marketing is done to put more money in the pockets of the ones that help this company grow.  Skinny has implemented what can be considered the linear system with a twist.  We are a 3×8 matrix that incorporates spillover.  As those above you fill in their matrix you will receive spillover from their hard work.  NO…your spillover will not disappear or start over each month like some other company I know.  Once you get spillover they will remain below you & you will continue to earn from those persons as long as they stay active with their ONE bottle every month.  I forgot one other secret…..Skinny pays 8 different ways. Yes, that 8 is correct.

1.Powerline Bonus: Get an $8.00 check just for joining the company. Call it a good faith check



2.Retail Bonus: When you sell the product through your retail website (1 of many) you will get $20 for each bottle sold plus your autoship will be covered for that month.

3.Fast Start Bonus + Infinity Overrides: This money is paid weekly for every bottle you sell. You will earn $25-$90 in fast start and $1-$15 in infinity overrides. The amounts vary depending on your rank.



4.Long Term Residual Income:  This will allow you to earn income on all product purchases and sales for customers and distributors in 6 levels in your matrix. As you introduce more people you will open up levels 7-8.  You can make $1,618.50 over time just waiting on spillover to fill your matrix for you.



5.Infinity Matching Bonuses:  Starting with the rank of Bronze (which is only enrolling 3 distributors and/or customers) and up You will match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree earns each and every month. With 7 Generations of matching bonuses you will match up to 100% of the entire matrix commissions of EVERYONE in your entire enroller tree.  What other company does that??… NONE



6.Monthly Leadership Pool: 5% of every dollar that comes into the company EVERY MONTH is shared with our ranked distributors through our Leadership Pools!  ALL YOU NEED IS 3 TO RANK TO BRONZE. 




7. Rank Achievement Bonuses:  We are also rewarding leaders who achieve Platinum or above with our Rank Achievement Bonuses. Once you qualify for Platinum or above for three consecutive months, you will receive the following CASH BONUSES on TOP of ALL of your other commissions. 





8.Exotic Car Club: Once you reach Royal Crown Diamond and then have three other Royal Crown Diamonds in any three legs you will qualify for this Car Club. You will get your choice of car such as a brand new Bentley that is yours to keep FOREVER, even if you were to lose your qualification..! Title, Keys, Car + Taxes = Your Own Car.  Other companies offer a car bonus…which is to say they will pay you a car allowance every month to make the car note that is in your name (not the company) & if you fall below the rank for that bonus they will have the car repossessed.  Who wants a bonus when you can be in the Car Club!!!!!






This company has a product called Skinny Fiber: which is an all natural health and weight loss supplement that is fiber based.  The three ingredients in this product are Carralluma, Cha de Bugre, and Glucomannan. These three ingredients are right now being sold in health food stores across the country. Glucomannan pills $44.00 for 60, Carralluma extract for $33 for 30 & Cha De Bugre $24.99 per bottle.  These three ingredients have been used in other countries for years now.  They are powerful separate, but Ben Glinsky has done the unthinkable and combined those three ingredients to make one powerhouse of a weight loss supplement with health benefits.  You get 120 capsules for $59.95

  • What if you could eliminate the #1 enemy of weight management…overeating?
  • What if you could increase your metabolism…without harmful drugs?
  • What if you could naturally treat constipation…all while improving your cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.?
  • What if you could get healthier and wealthier at the same time while helping others do the same?
  • What if you could reach the top of the compensation plan simply by helping 3 others get to the top?  That’s the power of 3 in this company.  Help 3 distributors get to bronze and you will be silver. Help those 3 get to silver and you will be gold. Help those three get to gold and you will be platinum……… And so on.

Skinny Body Care is making that happen and much more.  We have no secrets to hide… In fact you can try out the company without spending one dime.  Simply by taking a FREE tour on my website. {click SBC banner to the right}  Fill out the form with your name, email and phone and you will be taken inside the company and see what we see….. How fast we are growing from our company momentum…What countries are leading on the leaderboard, and everything I’ve talked about & more.  You can try our product without being apart of the company  …Plus we offer a 30 day money back policy if you aren’t satisfied just return the bottle(s).  Who else does that??

A little bird just told me that Ben Glinsky has been testing out an Anti Aging Cream.

We will be enhancing our product line by introducing Ageless to go along with our Health & Weight loss supplement Skinny Fiber.

Take the Free tour on my website…  What do you have to lose?  It will cost you nothing and if it’s not for you then simply opt out, but at least give it a try.






This is NOT a hobby it’s MY business… It’s my DREAMS and VISIONS, it’s my RETIREMENT plan components, it’s my RAINY DAY preparations, it’s my ray of HOPE to the willing. I’m Building It Big with SBC and so can YOU!!!

Is Direct Selling For ME?

Has someone ever asked you where did you get your hair done, or your haircut, what store do you shop at, what do you cook with, ever recommend a movie, or t.v show? That’s Network Marketing at it’s best. The difference is your not getting paid for all that FREE advertising you are doing. When was the last time BET, Ciroc, YouTube, or Facebook sent you a check?

Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing, Door Salesman, Car Salesman, Insurance Salesman, whatever name you put on it is all the same. We are commissioned based earners and represent the largest segment of Millionaires.  What do you think when Jay Z or Beyonce goes on tour? Do you realize they are selling their albums yet no one is calling their tour a scam or pyramid scheme.  When the O Jays or Temptations take the stage no one is booing and calling for them to stop singing.  That’s Marketing!

Look at it this way.  When you get dressed in the morning unless your clothes have your name and logo branded on them somewhere you are Network Marketing and not getting paid.  I’m not one for buying the expensive items in the stores. I shop where the prices are reasonable as I’m not making a dime off of the logo stuck to my butt or the logo on my shoes so why not save my money and have more to spend on things I like.

You carry a $200 purse, wear a $100 pair of shoes, bills overdue, bank account overdrawn and yet $60 a month to start, run, & maintain your own business is too much. Who’s fooling who?  You just increased someone else s bottom line and yet you are one paycheck from being homeless, and yet you still refuse to market YOUR OWN PRODUCT.

Here’s something funny.  The movie Red Tails just came out. I’ve seen numerous posts on FB that it was a great movie. The company is getting FREE advertising through word of mouth from social media. That’s network marketing. Financially who benefits from this movie? Are they going to cut you a check for encouraging others to see it?  We as a community just gave millions of dollars for a movie. We could use that same money to reshape our community. Teach our children how they can work for themselves.

**my point was to show how we are already doing something that so many people feel is a scam or pyramid scheme. My statement was in no way referencing the non importance of seeing the movie.**

Changing the Mindset of our Youth starts NOW with YOU!!  How bad do you want to make a change? You could simply start small by supporting your local neighborhood businesses and build from their.  Once you realize the power of the consumer (that’s YOU) you will be much wiser the next time you pull out that almighty $Dollar$.  Invest in yourself, Invest in Your future and learn the importance of Residual Income.  With that Knowledge all roads lead to Direct Selling!

When you look at Direct Selling ask yourself this: Is the timing right?  Is the product/service marketable and in need right now?  Is the price point affordable to the masses?  Is the product/services attainable outside of your community? Are you willing to share with others what you are doing?  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?  Can you do this part time?  Are you excitable enough about what you do that others will ask you about it?  Are you willing to stick with it until you arrive financially?  If at least 4 of your answers are YES …. Then Direct Selling is for You


Do you Have What it Takes?

Why I am successful and how you can be also:

1. I believe trust is important. I want to know the members of my organization and I want them to know and trust me. Which leads me to my #2.

2. I don’t chase multiple deals. You see them all the time, one week a guru is tossing you the “minutes old” deal and the next its something else. How on earth can anyone trust someone like that? He isn’t a leader, he is a numbers chaser. I am not and never have been a number chaser.

3. I am approachable.  I make myself available to my team members and their team as well.  You don’t get to any level in any business without those below, beside or above you. Make time for those that are hungry for the success as you are because in turn you will get to the top and bring them with you.

4. I am coachable.  You have to be willing to explore other options. Other means to an end.  You can’t have an “I know everything mindset”

5. I am 100% dedicated, loyal and plugged in to the system that is provided with my business.

6. I am consistent and persistent with my promotions. A steady flow of new customers and new reps is the result of my constant reminders. It is a fact that most need to hear something 7 times before they remember it and take action. It takes 21 days to develop a habit so the more you do something the easier it becomes.

7. I believe in the product and I believe in the company. Belief is a huge factor. One must believe in what they are promoting or eventually it will show and they will lose credibility if they themselves don’t lose interest first.

I realize more key factors could be added however, I wanted to share the basics as this will be the foundation to build upon. Once you get these key elements the rest will come and you can expound upon what I have mentioned.

The Secret to Network Marketing

Here’s a quick lesson that a new team member learned over coffee.

Hear it, Internalize it, Teach it.

I was sitting down having a cup of coffee with a new member on my team and the questions started flying.

* What do I do, where do I find people?
* How do I prospect on the phone?
* How do I achieve the goals I have set?

All great questions, but I had to stop her because we have to cover the first things first.

The secret to success in network marketing doesn’t lie in any of that. The secret lies in YOU and how you program your mind for prosperity.

Sounds kooky right? Well, it isn’t.

I used to think if I could just get some things going in my business everything would be ok and success would just POOF!…..happen. Guess what? It didn’t.

Then, I changed my thinking, I started reading the right books, getting around the right people, putting pictures of goals all around the house and I started programming my mind for Prosperity on a Daily basis. Guess what? Everything else just kind of fell into place. Isn’t that interesting . . .

Before all the retailing, prospecting and sponsoring starts we have to get ONE main thing straight. Your business will never grow larger than you do. Repeat that. Your business will never grow larger than you do. Your business will grow only as fast as you do.

Sounds funny right? Well guess what, it’s a fact and if you really want to build it big you just have to get familiar with that statement.

Here’s to Personal Growth!

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.      ~Robert Louis Stevenson


Drive Safely

With the alarming number of fatalities on the highways each day undoubtedly people are unaware of the danger that surrounds Eighteen Wheeler or Tractor Trailers.  My message is one of caution, concern, patience and respect.

These accidents why although tragic are preventable.  There are facts about the operation and manuver of a tractor trailers that much of the public is unaware of.  I would like to take a moment to highlight those facts.  They just may save your life.

  •  Fact:  Tractor Trailers carry a weight of no more than 80,000 pounds unless it’s a permited over sized load.
  •  Fact:  The rate of speed for a tractor trailer is considerably different due to the weight.
  •  Fact:  The driver gains excessive speed going down hill with the push from the heavy load. (gravity)
  •  Fact:  Due to the heavy weight or not The tractor although equipped with what is called the Jacobs Brake or Jake Brake CAN NOT stop instantly.
  •  Fact:  There are blind spots for a tractor trailer driver just as a car driver.
  • Fact:  If you can’t see their mirrors they can’t see you.
  • Fact:  For a truck driver doing 55mph on dry pavement it will take about the length of a football field to stop that truck.
  •  Fact:  Test have shown that bobtails (tractors without the trailer) are harder to stop than a tractor with  a fully loaded trailer.
Please always use CAUTION when driving.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Pulling out in front of a driver because you feel they are going too slow isn’t the answer.  A few seconds of PATIENCE could be the difference between you and the other driver making it home.
Have more RESPECT for their profession.  This is their job and They have families too.  Not all four wheelers are at fault but a large portion of the accidents are caused by car drivers not having respect for others driving.  Please stay alert and try not to get distracted easily while driving.  
Remember that’s 80,000 pounds beside, behind, or in front of you.
It’s your choice to live or die!  The large number of accidents that could be controlled by being more aware and packing a little patience covered by planing ahead for delays CONCERN me greatly.                                                                                                
Really, when you think about it……Does being in a hurry take precedents over your safety and the safety of others around you?

Read this and take it to heart. Share this with others as this may save your life!   This was in no way intended to cast more blame on one driver over the other.  My intentions are to share facts that surround tractor trailers on the road with four wheelers.  How everyone being more aware can mean the difference between whether everyone or no one makes it home safely.   

Safe Travels to Everyone as we Share the Road!!

Tamara Brown

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