Easy Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss

1. Cut out the soft drinks, sugary coffees, and fast food. Not drinking soda, cuts out over 100 hundred calories.

2.Don’t try or expect to lose weight too fast. Aim for losing 1-2 pounds a week. This will ensure the weight will stay off.

3.Never compare yourself to others your body is unique to you! Comparing yourself to others will work against you.

4.Learn to Read the food labels. You will be surprised (or not) at what you have been putting in your body.

5. Drink Plenty of Water even when you don’t work out. It takes a lot to re hydrate you and helps to curb your appetite.

6.Find an exercise that works for you. As long as you burn off a certain amount of calories how you do it doesn’t matter.

7.Get a weight loss partner or accountability partner. Either way someone in your corner will help you lose more.

8.Burn calories when you can. Take the stairs instead of elevators, park far away and walk to store front, etc.

9.Listen to music while you work out it helps to keep your mind off the task at hand.

10.Trying products? Remember If you aren’t burning calories then you will not lose weight. Find something that allows you to burn calories.

11.While trying to lose weight try staying away from beer and alcohol.

12.Track your progress from the beginning with photos and /or a video diary.

13.Weight loss isn’t about losing pounds so don’t’ be obsessed with the scale.

14.Build up muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Another reason not to focus on the scale.

15. Fiber enriched diet helps promote weight loss as well. Increase your intake to help improve your digestive track.

16.There maybe an emotional component to your weight so join a support group or talk daily with friends and family.

**A Protein Enriched diet is important as Protein slows down your appetite**

**Beans nuts are meat substitutes**

To Our Success ~ Tamara Brown


A Healthy You

Society tends to have us place more value on things/stuff than on what really matters…..YOU.   We are ahead of schedule when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance  for our vehicles.  We cater to our animals better than we do ourselves.  We are more apt to keep our appointments with our lawn service than our yearly exams……Why is that?

What about our HEALTH?  What value have you placed on your lives?

Everyone seems to be up in arms by the fact that our president want’s everyone to have health care coverage (Affordable coverage at that)…..Why?  Are you telling me and most importantly yourself that you value your car more than you life?

We have no problems making sure our insurance premiums are paid and that is mandatory in every state, but we don’t want someone mandating that we insure our lives.

Look at it this way the same preventive maintenance we all have done to our homes and cars should be the same maintenance we do with our health.

Preventive Maintenance is all it takes to insure that your health is on the right track to help you live a longer more vibrant life.   That requires just getting a thorough physical exam done once a year.  If your doctor isn’t concerned about your entire health then maybe you should consider looking for another physician.  A lot of the issues that plague us could for the most part be prevented by seeing our doctors regularly and most importantly making sure we are honest with them during the visit.

You can start small by consuming a multi vitamin that includes fish oil in it or take the fish oil pill along with a multi vitamin.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park in the back of the parking lot at the store.  Also, add fresh fruits and veggies to your diet daily.

I hope to have at least started a dialouge in your home to begin looking at what’s most important in these troubling times.  Nothing is promised to us.  We have to begin to protect what is most important to us and that is our lives. Keep in mind no matter how well you maintain your vehicle if you die then you will not be around to drive it.

Have A Blessed Day

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