Create Lasting Memories

It seems like so often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to smell the roses.  I know it sounds a little cliche however it’s true. More so than you realize.  When was the last time you slowed down enough to notice what was really going on around you?  When was the last time you walked barefoot through the park, or played hopscotch with your kids.  Consider engaging your children on their level. Life is too short not to enjoy the small things.  “Stuff ” isn’t all that important when you’re not around to enjoy it.  Creating lasting memories often times require little to no financial input. You’ll be surprised that those insignificant moments to you created a lasting impact on your children.

I spend a lot of time with my kids being a stay at home mom and everyday is a joy.  I learn and experience something different with each of them. Taking nothing for granted and trying to teach them to do the same.  I give my kids each a mommy date day. This day comes with a day off from school where we hang out and do something they want to do. Each one gets their own day separate from their siblings.  It gives me a chance to focus on just that one child with no distractions. They have always looked forward to these days each school year. They also get those special days with their dad. He is a truck driver and he takes them one by one on the road with him during the summer months. Children grow up so fast.  I just asked myself, “where did the time go?” I have a son graduating from high school in a few months, a rising 10th grader and a rising 8th grader. It struck a nerve with me because I feel like I have so much yet to experience with them.  As kids get older they tend to want to hang out with their friends more and be more independent of their parents, but I feel its up to us (as parents) to continue to create those family, bonding moments separately and collectively.

Take some time and do something different. Surprise your family with a game night after dinner, or a walk on a nature trail. Get to know your kids and allow them to know who you are. Engage your spouse in date night. Reconnect with them and savoir those moments.  Reconnecting and building stronger bonds will allow you to reap lasting rewards for years to come.  Talk…..Yes, actually have conversations with one another  Put away the electronic devices and engage one another.  Share stories and create new ones!

creating memoriesThe little things are what we remember. The talks, the walks, the cry’s, the unspoken moments of  unconditional love.  It’s what we hold on to.  The Memories….making them and remembering them til the end.

Do something unexpected for someone unexpecting~Tamara


My Reflection

I decided to walk to the park today instead of drive.. My mind has been clouded with so much with all that has been going on in my life.  I had a great walk to the park and then I did a few laps around the track before I sat at the bench to reflect on a few things and before heading back home.

As I sat I wrote in my journal for a while and then I began reading the Bible. I started with Psalms 1 and went through to Psalms 18 and then it hit me….  It’s not that God isn’t conscious of how my life is going it’s more of what I’m not doing to further up lift his kingdom during these trying times (just like in the good times) that is holding me back from having my tree bear fruit so to speak.  So often I find myself trying to control the situations around me and I realized it’s not up to me. I have to let God do His thing so others may know that it wasn’t me it was HIM. The one word that kept coming up was ‘Meditation’. This is something I must put into action. We all must set aside moments in our day for daily reflection on Gods’ words. This will not only ensure that we have a deeper understand of what we should be doing but will also show God that we are serious about our commitment to live a Righteous & Humble life.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but what I realized is that it’s not hard to find them.. It simply takes for you to humble yourself enough to get the courage to grab your Bible and say a prayer as your open the pages, “Lord, I come to you as humbly as I know how seeking guidance and understanding.  I can’t do this alone and I realize I don’t have to. Show me the way Lord that I may forever lift your name above all others. In Jesus name Amen”

Below was a post that was shared from a friend on a social media website that got me thinking and I Pray it blesses you as much as it has me.

Whatever you face, Jesus Christ has already faced it.
Jesus knows what it is like:
to be hungry
to be tired
to be lonely
to be hurt

to be hated
to be beaten
to be persecuted
to be misunderstood
to be mistreated
to be mocked and laughed at
to be betrayed by a friend
to be tempted to sin
to be responsible for employees
to feel forsaken
to feel hopeless
to have no spouse
to have no earthly father there to help
to have lost a loved one
to have to pay taxes
to have money stolen from you
to have the responsibility to provide for a family
to live under an oppressive government
to experience extreme pain

Don’t be afraid to talk to Jesus about anything. Not only does He understand, but He knows how to help you so you can overcome and have victory.

*He Bore it All that we might Live*  He lived as a man and paid the ultimate price that we may know that it is possible to live in the world but not be of the world.
God’s promises have always been contingent upon us living by His word, following His guidance and doing His will. Before you call on Him in your time of need stop and make sure you are living accordingly and that excludes mans way….If not, know that it’s not too late.  God loves unconditionally, without malice or judgement in his heart how can you not want someone like that on your side cheering you on? He is the ultimate friend, counselor, healer and provider.
All the Best ~Tamara

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