Create Lasting Memories

It seems like so often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to smell the roses.  I know it sounds a little cliche however it’s true. More so than you realize.  When was the last time you slowed down enough to notice what was really going on around you?  When was the last time you walked barefoot through the park, or played hopscotch with your kids.  Consider engaging your children on their level. Life is too short not to enjoy the small things.  “Stuff ” isn’t all that important when you’re not around to enjoy it.  Creating lasting memories often times require little to no financial input. You’ll be surprised that those insignificant moments to you created a lasting impact on your children.

I spend a lot of time with my kids being a stay at home mom and everyday is a joy.  I learn and experience something different with each of them. Taking nothing for granted and trying to teach them to do the same.  I give my kids each a mommy date day. This day comes with a day off from school where we hang out and do something they want to do. Each one gets their own day separate from their siblings.  It gives me a chance to focus on just that one child with no distractions. They have always looked forward to these days each school year. They also get those special days with their dad. He is a truck driver and he takes them one by one on the road with him during the summer months. Children grow up so fast.  I just asked myself, “where did the time go?” I have a son graduating from high school in a few months, a rising 10th grader and a rising 8th grader. It struck a nerve with me because I feel like I have so much yet to experience with them.  As kids get older they tend to want to hang out with their friends more and be more independent of their parents, but I feel its up to us (as parents) to continue to create those family, bonding moments separately and collectively.

Take some time and do something different. Surprise your family with a game night after dinner, or a walk on a nature trail. Get to know your kids and allow them to know who you are. Engage your spouse in date night. Reconnect with them and savoir those moments.  Reconnecting and building stronger bonds will allow you to reap lasting rewards for years to come.  Talk…..Yes, actually have conversations with one another  Put away the electronic devices and engage one another.  Share stories and create new ones!

creating memoriesThe little things are what we remember. The talks, the walks, the cry’s, the unspoken moments of  unconditional love.  It’s what we hold on to.  The Memories….making them and remembering them til the end.

Do something unexpected for someone unexpecting~Tamara


My Son

I felt the need to share this to give insight and a sense of honor for those that are Achromats or have some other disability. You don’t have to live in the shadows no matter what your disability may be.  Be the change you want to see, and don’t allow anyone to label you.  Take away from this an understanding that you are a unique individual that is just as deserving as anyone else.  Don’t Put yourself in a Box!!!!

My son has always excelled in school. Despite dealing with being blind, color blind, and having astigmatism he found a way to put the spotlight on his abilities.

  • He received the Presidential Gold Seal Award for Academics
  • He has competed an won all reading, science, and writing competitions in school
  • He has since kindergarten maintained an A-B grade
  • Since the 3rd grade he has been reading on a 2nd year college level
  • He actively participates on the varsity wrestling team
  • He has received over achievement awards on all standardized testing
  • He has taken AP, Honors and College Bound Courses
  • He even took the ASVAB test and scored higher than anyone in his high school (he can’t go in the military but he wanted to know how well he would do on the test, subsequently every military branch officer has called our home and gone to his school to speak with him)
  • He has been learning to drive within his limits.
  • He strategically taught himself how to recognize certain shades of color.
  • He was accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars
  • Dartmouth College and Cornell University offices of admission sent him a letters wanting him to attend thier school with offers of assistance with admision
  • He’s already been accepted into Ogelthorpe

Having read through some of the timeline from the Achromatopsia  FB group this is what he wrote;

“I see many different stories with the same context of ill prepared parents and with that comes children that even as they grow older have to play it by ear so to speak. I think its hard on both ends for the parent and child. The parent wanting to always help and do what’s right may end up pushing us to different things that may not help or are totally irrelevant to an achromats disability if you will. Again here we are the achromats, no have eye nor ear of anyone else like us within our own area(or is that just me). We are at a cross roads now and I can sum it up from my perspective like this, “We are to independent to be blind, however to blind to be independent”. What do you do when the world looks at you and expects you to perform at there level, yet inside looking out you know you are not like them? But look it’s society so you don’t fight it, you try to live with it not asking for the help you need, not wanting to be seen or labeled as something different. Alas we are different we have limitations that do not correlate with our normal appearance’s expectations. We are achromats whether BCM, incomplete, complete, whatever your case its all the same, a life of learning and adapting with the prologue to your story being more question than answer. I am De’Shun Brown and I do not suffer from achromatopsia, it is merely my chronic roommate:I am a 17yr old senior,145lb varsity wrestler.graduating AP/Honors student, in a PUBLIC high school and I say to any achromat or parent of one; whatever it is we can do it with respect to our chronic roommate.  ‎”I do not see life in color for I see it in its many opportunities” -JimmyHCO  I wrote this quote after seventeen years of sulking and feeling alone I have realized Achromatopsia is what makes me a stronger more rounded person.”

Being Human is to be disabled and Being disabled is to be Human ~ JimmyHCO


JIMMYHCO is my son’s alias on instagram

At this point in my son’s life he is facing the hardship of having pushed himself and gone beyond the limits of his visual abilities.  Headaches are coming frequently, he has eye fatigue more often, he is wearing his sun glasses even at home, he is now using his cane everyday,  he his utilizing his assisted aides at school, and he is requiring his teachers make all necessary alterations to his assignments.  It has been very difficult having to watch him go from being so independent to dependent. We think his limited sighted has been weakened by his over activeness.  Even with this shift I wouldn’t change anything about the way I raised him. I do believe this shift has given him the courage to accept himself  as he is and know that even with this disability he is just as deserving as anyone else.  He  now feels he doesn’t have to hide his disability from anyone by not using his aides in school. He no longer feels the need to fit in with normal sighted people. Using visual assisted aides carry with it a stigma that he never wanted to be associate with him. Now he understands it’s about his quality of life not the opinions of others.  He is an Achromat and  proud of it. A lesson hard learned but very well needed. I do feel that had I not pushed him we would have never known his full capabilities because schools try to put you in a box once you present with a disability and He has proven that your handicap doesn’t determine your outcome. His vision teachers and mobility teachers have all said, “he has taught them more than they have taught him.”  His goal for his life is to have a masters degree in psychology.


Tamara Brown

My Reflection

I decided to walk to the park today instead of drive.. My mind has been clouded with so much with all that has been going on in my life.  I had a great walk to the park and then I did a few laps around the track before I sat at the bench to reflect on a few things and before heading back home.

As I sat I wrote in my journal for a while and then I began reading the Bible. I started with Psalms 1 and went through to Psalms 18 and then it hit me….  It’s not that God isn’t conscious of how my life is going it’s more of what I’m not doing to further up lift his kingdom during these trying times (just like in the good times) that is holding me back from having my tree bear fruit so to speak.  So often I find myself trying to control the situations around me and I realized it’s not up to me. I have to let God do His thing so others may know that it wasn’t me it was HIM. The one word that kept coming up was ‘Meditation’. This is something I must put into action. We all must set aside moments in our day for daily reflection on Gods’ words. This will not only ensure that we have a deeper understand of what we should be doing but will also show God that we are serious about our commitment to live a Righteous & Humble life.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but what I realized is that it’s not hard to find them.. It simply takes for you to humble yourself enough to get the courage to grab your Bible and say a prayer as your open the pages, “Lord, I come to you as humbly as I know how seeking guidance and understanding.  I can’t do this alone and I realize I don’t have to. Show me the way Lord that I may forever lift your name above all others. In Jesus name Amen”

Below was a post that was shared from a friend on a social media website that got me thinking and I Pray it blesses you as much as it has me.

Whatever you face, Jesus Christ has already faced it.
Jesus knows what it is like:
to be hungry
to be tired
to be lonely
to be hurt

to be hated
to be beaten
to be persecuted
to be misunderstood
to be mistreated
to be mocked and laughed at
to be betrayed by a friend
to be tempted to sin
to be responsible for employees
to feel forsaken
to feel hopeless
to have no spouse
to have no earthly father there to help
to have lost a loved one
to have to pay taxes
to have money stolen from you
to have the responsibility to provide for a family
to live under an oppressive government
to experience extreme pain

Don’t be afraid to talk to Jesus about anything. Not only does He understand, but He knows how to help you so you can overcome and have victory.

*He Bore it All that we might Live*  He lived as a man and paid the ultimate price that we may know that it is possible to live in the world but not be of the world.
God’s promises have always been contingent upon us living by His word, following His guidance and doing His will. Before you call on Him in your time of need stop and make sure you are living accordingly and that excludes mans way….If not, know that it’s not too late.  God loves unconditionally, without malice or judgement in his heart how can you not want someone like that on your side cheering you on? He is the ultimate friend, counselor, healer and provider.
All the Best ~Tamara

Hair….I think Not

I’ve been thinking about the comments that were all over the blogs and social media yesterday about the young gymnast  Gabby Douglas.  The highlights of her performance seemed to have been overshadowed by all the comments surrounding her “HAIR”.  What was really behind those comments?  Was it jealousy, envy, or sheer disdain.

In 2012 after all the struggles, marches and sit ins the most important thing to a lot of people was the fact that her hair wasn’t representative of how a “black girl should look”  Comments where being thrown around like, “she should have represented better than that.” Represented What exactly?  Doing the type of work that she was doing and putting in the effort and skill that she displayed I doubt very seriously her hair and makeup was on the top of her priority list nor should it have been.  I have to believe that we are better than this garbage we are spewing behind the screens of our computers in the quite of our homes.  I have to believe that somewhere inside we are teaching our kids how not to be biased and superficial.  I have to…..otherwise the future generations will ultimately destroy everything that everyone fought so hard for and each other.

When I saw her perform I saw myself winning. I saw my children winning. Gabby Douglas just proved as so many other athletes on that grand stage that when you dream big and work hard the two put together makes for an attainable, fulfilling, and profitable future.  She showed such grace and elegance with each performance.  Her hard work and dedication bared fruit.







The truth of the matter is we have got to stop making ourselves such easy targets.  Learn to be more supportive of each other. Especially those that are moving in a positive direction.  We have got to spend more time trying to uplift one another instead of tearing each other down. Those that don’t want to see us prosper can do enough of that alone they don’t  need help. How about taking that energy and putting it in to making sure the young men in your community are keeping their pants pulled up. How about spending that energy teaching kids the art or entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Gymnastic Team for bringing home Olympic Gold!

Learn to embrace the skin you are in. God made us each unique in our own right. Last I checked He don’t make mistakes.  Seize your own opportunities.  Where there are none make some. Life is about what you make it.  Don’t let your current state determine you life’s path.  Aim high past the stars that way if you fall you will float among the clouds.

Build a Better Community, Build a Better YOU,

Tamara Brown ~

90 day Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories

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To Our Success,
Tamara Brown


Self Reflection

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

I was trying to put some things into perspective for myself and justify why things are the way they are.  What I’ve realized is that I’m blessed beyond measure despite what my situation currently looks like.  I need to learn how to role with the flow instead of always trying to fix something or correct it.  I can’t continue to live my life according to the standards of what others feel life at this stage should be.  I have to be appreciative of how far I’ve come and where I’m going and just know that as long as I continue to move in a positive direction and continue to grow things will be okay.

Sometimes I find myself being frustrated with my kids behavior at home, especially since for the most part due to my husbands job I’m here alone with them.  Instead of always focusing on the negative I need to embrace the positive.  They are very well behaved when we are out, or I have to leave them with people. Neither one of the older boys (19, & 17) have brought home any babies.  They make good grades and haven’t been in trouble with the law or at school.

Sometimes I find myself being frustrated with my current financially situation, especially for the most part I’m in a one income household. The income from my home based business isn’t at a level YET where it needs to be to bring my husband off the road.  What I’ve realized is that it’s not so much where I am but where I’m going. It’s about the fact that not one week goes by that God hasn’t provided us with what we needed to sustain our lives.  We may not always have what we want but we have what we need.  That’s what matters and that’s what’s important.

Sometimes I find myself being frustrated with the current state of being a work from home mom in the MLM Industry for the most part because I don’t feel as if I’m moving at a rate I feel I should be.  What I’ve learned is that as long as I do what I need to do to progress and I continue to market myself and my business wherever I will get to where I want to be in this company.  Most importantly as long as I keep God first in everything things will be fine. I’m determined to be successful in my business and that determination will get me to the top.

Sometimes I find myself questioning my decisions period as if I can’t make right decisions.  I’ve learned that it’s a matter of what is best for me mostly and my family. My life actions should not be based on what everyone else has going on.  I’m growing into my own, and I don’t feel the need to justify my actions as long as they aren’t harmful or dangerous. God has blessed me with a nice home, beautiful children, wonderful husband, income to sustain our lifestyle, a wonderful home business opportunity, food, clothing, and transportation. I’m SATISFIED! I’m HAPPY! I’m GRATEFUL! I’m BLESSED!

In this self reflection the most important thing I’ve learned is to just breath.  I have to  move forward in my life in a positive direction that keeps me growing and focusing on the positive more than negative.  I have a forgiving God, I have a loving family, a loving husband and a wonderful home based business with wonderful people that I have come to call my friends/family.

I am so thankful for the life God has afforded me to live. I’m even more blessed to be a blessing to so many. I’m stepping into what is divinely mine and moving forward. My business is overflowing and my income is overly abundant. I’m wealthy beyond measure.

~Tamara Brown

God first – Family second – Business third

Wife of a Truck Driver

My husband has been working in his dream job for 14 years. Driving OTR {Over The Road} doing what he has dreamed of doing since he was old enough to speak.  This started out as a great adventure for me as I had never really left the boarders of  my home state Georgia. With a 3 year old and a new born often times we packed up and hit the road with him.  It was during these times of travel early on that I gained a new respect for truck drivers and their families.  This is a hard life and a dangerous life. Getting paid to travel the country is the way I view it.  With the birth of our third son I traveled less often.  My friends often asked, “How do yo do it?… Your husband is gone for a week at a time and you are home alone with the kids.”  My response, “It gets easier as time goes on. You learn to develop a lot of trust and patience.”

As the children get older you have to start to deal with a lot of questions from the kids of why can’t dad make it to this, or when is dad coming back.  Those moments reduce you to tears. Even though my kids have grown up with their father on the road they still hate having him leave.  On those rare occasions when we all get the chance to ride with him all they do is sleep.LMBO…yeah they sleep and eat. In between that they do enjoy themselves. Especially when their dad let’s them walk around with him while he does his PTI {Pre Trip Inspection}, or sweep out the trailer.

I did attempt to learn to drive in hopes of becoming is partner on the road, but that didn’t go so well. I was afraid to back up with the trailer.  I learned a lot but driving I knew wasn’t going to be my thing. His ability to dictate his schedule became easier when he became an O-O {Owner Operator}.  With the rise in fuel prices and the many repairs we made the adult decision not to put our dream of working for ourselves before our family and turned the truck in.  You would be surprised at how many drives will not do that. So many drivers value that truck over there families. We look forward to doing it again.

This is a challenging life, but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.  I do admit there are times when I miss him so much it hurts to talk to him on the phone. I really takes a strong woman to live in this situation especially with children.  You have to be creative and learn to plan special away time just for the two of you.  It also helps to get the feel of what it’s like on the road at least once so you have an idea of what it’s like and not base everything from the movies,  t.v., or what you may have heard. Being sympathetic and knowing that you aren’t the only one lonely and missing him helps.  I try to make his job as a husband easier when he comes home. I make sure the grass get’s cut, the light bulbs that are out get changed stuff like that.  Even though he wants to still do things around the house as a husband should, I know those weeks he has ran hard he doesn’t need the added stress of knowing there are things around the house that need to be done.  I have some that say, “You are good because I wouldn’t do any of the things you do nor would I trust him out there like that.”  I look at it this way, we have a partnership. Our relationship has always been about compromise and not limiting one another to stereotyped roles.  I also know he would do the same for me if my job required me to be away from home like that.  We have a lot of trust in our relationship so as far as cheating is concerned that’s not something either of us are worried about.

The life we have chosen isn’t easy, but then whose is.  This is our life and we love it.

EnJoy Your Day

Easy Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss

1. Cut out the soft drinks, sugary coffees, and fast food. Not drinking soda, cuts out over 100 hundred calories.

2.Don’t try or expect to lose weight too fast. Aim for losing 1-2 pounds a week. This will ensure the weight will stay off.

3.Never compare yourself to others your body is unique to you! Comparing yourself to others will work against you.

4.Learn to Read the food labels. You will be surprised (or not) at what you have been putting in your body.

5. Drink Plenty of Water even when you don’t work out. It takes a lot to re hydrate you and helps to curb your appetite.

6.Find an exercise that works for you. As long as you burn off a certain amount of calories how you do it doesn’t matter.

7.Get a weight loss partner or accountability partner. Either way someone in your corner will help you lose more.

8.Burn calories when you can. Take the stairs instead of elevators, park far away and walk to store front, etc.

9.Listen to music while you work out it helps to keep your mind off the task at hand.

10.Trying products? Remember If you aren’t burning calories then you will not lose weight. Find something that allows you to burn calories.

11.While trying to lose weight try staying away from beer and alcohol.

12.Track your progress from the beginning with photos and /or a video diary.

13.Weight loss isn’t about losing pounds so don’t’ be obsessed with the scale.

14.Build up muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Another reason not to focus on the scale.

15. Fiber enriched diet helps promote weight loss as well. Increase your intake to help improve your digestive track.

16.There maybe an emotional component to your weight so join a support group or talk daily with friends and family.

**A Protein Enriched diet is important as Protein slows down your appetite**

**Beans nuts are meat substitutes**

To Our Success ~ Tamara Brown


 I’ve come to realize so many adults and young adults have no idea what Fiber can and will do for your body and the significant role it plays in your heath.  I hope this clears somethings up for everyone. I know even I learned a lot while putting this together.

What is fiber and what, specifically does it do for your body?

Fiber is defined as carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the body. It comes from plant sources and is found in two different forms. Soluble fiber becomes a gel when mixed with liquid in the body. Soluble fiber is found in foods such as oats, beans, peas, apples, and oranges. This type of fiber is essential to the body due to its ability to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Insoluble fiber is a type of fiber that remains solid when mixed with liquid in the body. It is found in foods such as whole grains, green beans, cauliflower and fruit skins. This type of fiber is essential in moving waste through the intestines and balancing the pH in the intestine. It is recommended that individuals consume 20-35 grams of fiber each day in the ratio of 75:25 insoluble to soluble fiber. Fiber helps to flush the toxins from your body. Without this component, the food wastes would not move inside your body. In fact, the wastes would remain in your intestines forever. It has been recommended that dietary fiber should be consumed as it essentially benefits the bod

A diet rich in fiber has been shown to decrease hypertension, arthritis, diverticular disease, and diabetes. Researchers performed 10 studies in the United States and Europe with 91,058 men and 245,186 women over a period of time extending from six to ten years. These studies showed a direct correlation between the amount of fiber consumed and the incidences of heart disease. It was found that for every ten grams of fiber people took in each day the risk of developing heart disease decreased by 14%. The risk of dying from heart disease decreased by 27%! Imagine the decrease in heart disease in the US if the average person attained the recommended 20-35 grams of fiber per day!

Okay, so we see that fiber is important, but what are some ways you can apply this concept and increase your daily consumption of fiber? First of all, whenever you have the chance, opt for whole fruits instead of juice. Fruit skins are an excellent source of fiber! Select whole grain cereals and breads whenever possible. You can look on the ingredient list on the package to make sure that the product has whole grains. Substitute beans for meat at least 2 times a week. Beans are high in fiber and meat has none. Eat lots of raw veggies as snacks. It is easy to attain the fiber you need if you change a few simple habits. Fiber supplements are a great way to get the Fiber you need when you aren’t a good eater, you don’t have time or the money to buy healthy, or you just don’t like eating certain things.  However in any case you need fiber, better yet Your Body Needs Fiber!

Adding Fiber to your diet will have allow bowels to be more regular, your heart will be healthier, and your cholesterol will lower.  I say these are pretty good reasons to want to add fiber to your diet any way you can.


Functions of Fiber Foods:

* Lowers the level of cholesterol

* Lowers Triglycerides

* Reduces the risk of colon cancer

* Enhances the factor of weight loss

* Improves Diabetes

* Moves bowel

What does Fiber do for your body ?

* They would help you to lose weight as your body would easily flush toxins and other colon wastes

* The dietary fiber moves stools at an accelerated pace through colon as carbohydrates are not allowed to absorb

* Further the soluble component can easily attract, hold and collect cholesterol, move bowel and toxins

* The dietary fibers can help you to avoid colon cancer as it can flush toxins from the intestines

Water should not be ignored. One must add more quality of water along with the dietary fiber as this factor would help your body to flush toxins at ease.

Drinking water is important for any dieter undertaking a low carb diet. This is because most diets low in carbohydrate have much less fiber, which is an important remedy for constipation. A minimum of eight glasses of water in a day will go a long way in ensuring that the fiber in meals works effectively. This will consequently enable the dieter to avoid constipation. The dieter may also experience dehydration; water can help them counter this problem.
Skinny Fiber is an all natural 100% plant based product.  That promotes natural health stability and weight loss

Skinny Fiber contains Three ingredients:




Skinny Fiber contains these enzymes:

Amylase Powder-

Protease Powder


This link will take you to a detailed description what each ingredient and enzyme does for your body:


To Our Success,

Tamara Brown


The Three W’s to a Healthier Better You

The Three W’s are Walking, Water and Writing. I chose those three to be the powerful steps to starting your own War on Weight because of their importance.

Water is a very important source to a healthier you. Be it bottle or tap you need to drink 8 or more full glasses of water EVERY DAY

ImageYour body is estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent water. Blood is mostly water, and your muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water. You need water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to your organs and tissues. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs. You lose water through urination, respiration, and by sweating, and you lose more water when you’re active than when you’re sedentary. Lost fluids must be replaced by the fluids in the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. If you don’t get enough water, you may suffer from hydration. Symptoms of mild dehydration include chronic pains in joints and muscles, lower back pain, headaches and constipation. A strong odor to your urine, along with a yellow or amber color, may indicate that you may not be getting enough water. 

My mother-in-law was recently hospitalized for her kidneys being severely dehydrated. This is a serious condition.  Increase Your Water Intake.

Walking is something I feel is important as it allows you to get in those necessary steps everyone needs in a day. It allows for you to stretch those muscles out that become tight as you sit in your cubicles everyday or chose the elevator over the stairs.

ImageWalking is an easily accessible activity that can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace. And, other than a pair of decent walking shoes, no fancy equipment, special clothing or expensive paraphernalia is required. Numerous studies have shown that walking regularly can result in a significant reduction of the so-called heart risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We are all subject to stress, but going walking is definitely better than going the cigarette, booze or drugs route. And in addition to stress reduction, you will also gain a greater sense of well-being, better productivity at work and a more intensely experienced sensual life. In essence you are creating a healthier better you with every step you take.

I take measures such as parking in the back of parking lots, taking stairs instead of elevator, using the stairs in my home often, and doing things myself instead of asking my kids to do it. Walking is something we take for granted.

Writing I feel is just as important to a healthier, better you because it allows you to always have someone to talk to. Not getting a response to what you have to say is not as important as saying what is on your mind.

ImageThis is a hugely powerful way to focus your attention, keep track of life, create a permanent record for the future, and much more. When you’re faced with a knotty problem or a difficult situation in life, try writing about it. Setting aside some time to write about it will help you to process emotions, see the problem in a different light, and work your way towards a solution.

Writing is another way to remind yourself to stay focused.  It allows you to hold yourself accountable for your actions or inaction’s. Writing has also been shown to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

These few simple things, the Powerful 3 W’s will start you on your journey to a healthier better you.  As you begin to implement these things and routinely do them you will be more likely to take further steps to bringing your health full circle.

All The Best,

Tamara Brown

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