I’ve come to realize so many adults and young adults have no idea what Fiber can and will do for your body and the significant role it plays in your heath.  I hope this clears somethings up for everyone. I know even I learned a lot while putting this together.

What is fiber and what, specifically does it do for your body?

Fiber is defined as carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the body. It comes from plant sources and is found in two different forms. Soluble fiber becomes a gel when mixed with liquid in the body. Soluble fiber is found in foods such as oats, beans, peas, apples, and oranges. This type of fiber is essential to the body due to its ability to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Insoluble fiber is a type of fiber that remains solid when mixed with liquid in the body. It is found in foods such as whole grains, green beans, cauliflower and fruit skins. This type of fiber is essential in moving waste through the intestines and balancing the pH in the intestine. It is recommended that individuals consume 20-35 grams of fiber each day in the ratio of 75:25 insoluble to soluble fiber. Fiber helps to flush the toxins from your body. Without this component, the food wastes would not move inside your body. In fact, the wastes would remain in your intestines forever. It has been recommended that dietary fiber should be consumed as it essentially benefits the bod

A diet rich in fiber has been shown to decrease hypertension, arthritis, diverticular disease, and diabetes. Researchers performed 10 studies in the United States and Europe with 91,058 men and 245,186 women over a period of time extending from six to ten years. These studies showed a direct correlation between the amount of fiber consumed and the incidences of heart disease. It was found that for every ten grams of fiber people took in each day the risk of developing heart disease decreased by 14%. The risk of dying from heart disease decreased by 27%! Imagine the decrease in heart disease in the US if the average person attained the recommended 20-35 grams of fiber per day!

Okay, so we see that fiber is important, but what are some ways you can apply this concept and increase your daily consumption of fiber? First of all, whenever you have the chance, opt for whole fruits instead of juice. Fruit skins are an excellent source of fiber! Select whole grain cereals and breads whenever possible. You can look on the ingredient list on the package to make sure that the product has whole grains. Substitute beans for meat at least 2 times a week. Beans are high in fiber and meat has none. Eat lots of raw veggies as snacks. It is easy to attain the fiber you need if you change a few simple habits. Fiber supplements are a great way to get the Fiber you need when you aren’t a good eater, you don’t have time or the money to buy healthy, or you just don’t like eating certain things.  However in any case you need fiber, better yet Your Body Needs Fiber!

Adding Fiber to your diet will have allow bowels to be more regular, your heart will be healthier, and your cholesterol will lower.  I say these are pretty good reasons to want to add fiber to your diet any way you can.


Functions of Fiber Foods:

* Lowers the level of cholesterol

* Lowers Triglycerides

* Reduces the risk of colon cancer

* Enhances the factor of weight loss

* Improves Diabetes

* Moves bowel

What does Fiber do for your body ?

* They would help you to lose weight as your body would easily flush toxins and other colon wastes

* The dietary fiber moves stools at an accelerated pace through colon as carbohydrates are not allowed to absorb

* Further the soluble component can easily attract, hold and collect cholesterol, move bowel and toxins

* The dietary fibers can help you to avoid colon cancer as it can flush toxins from the intestines

Water should not be ignored. One must add more quality of water along with the dietary fiber as this factor would help your body to flush toxins at ease.

Drinking water is important for any dieter undertaking a low carb diet. This is because most diets low in carbohydrate have much less fiber, which is an important remedy for constipation. A minimum of eight glasses of water in a day will go a long way in ensuring that the fiber in meals works effectively. This will consequently enable the dieter to avoid constipation. The dieter may also experience dehydration; water can help them counter this problem.
Skinny Fiber is an all natural 100% plant based product.  That promotes natural health stability and weight loss

Skinny Fiber contains Three ingredients:




Skinny Fiber contains these enzymes:

Amylase Powder-

Protease Powder


This link will take you to a detailed description what each ingredient and enzyme does for your body:


To Our Success,

Tamara Brown



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  1. Kennith Hakeem
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 09:23:28

    Fiber foods are really necessary for the digestive health. It keeps us from getting colon polyps and colon cancers.’`*,*

    Enjoy your weekend!


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