Here’s Hope

In that time of despair, that time of weakness, and that time of loneliness it should be the time in which you must fight the hardest to be strong. Fight the hardest to withstand those urges to give up.  It is in that moment that your faith is being tested for your ability to hold on long enough to give your testimony.

It’s in that dark hour that your future is determined by the decisions you make or don’t make. It’s in that moment that God is standing with you having given you the guidance and knowledge to see it through. Know that He intends for you to succeed but you must take action knowing that your faith will never fail you.

Satan’s main objective is to prove God a liar and have you turn away from Him in your darkest hour. God is a God of love, peace and mercy therefor the trials you go through are not punishments from God but a test of your faith, and patience. Knowing the sacrifice that Jesus made on your behalf and mine the question you should ask in your time of despair is “How strong am I?” not “Why me Lord?”

Even when things don’t go the way we think they should know that there is hope. Here is Hope>God.  Understand that there is a reason and a season for everything. God knows what will happen before it happens and his judgement is far greater than ours. It’s only when we insist upon doing things our way instead of God’s way that we impede on the design that was already laid out for us, but not to worry because God already knew we would do it before we did it. God already has a contingency plan in place.

The Bible is our guide for living. Our comfort in times of trouble.  Our way to gain strength when we are weak. Our rest when we are weary.  It teaches us to cope, to forgive, to pray, and to love.  It’s the tool of Hope.  The mere fact that God exist should give you Hope! The fact that he is  HOPE!

~Tamara Brown


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  1. Etieno Etuk
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 06:39:24

    A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. I heard something the other day that made me think. It said something like this “Don’t quit because just at the time you’re about to quit, the tide will turn in your favor if you hang on for another minute”. That is so true. People give up too soon. If they would just hold on for another minute, another day, another week, another year, etc., things will work out.

    Thanks for sharing, Tamara


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