Be Encouraged

Starting out in Network Marketing/Internet Marketing can seem like such a challenging feet if you’ve never been exposed to this business.  I say to you look at it as an inexpensive approach to building your OWN business.  If you remove the stigmas from the industry that perhaps you or those around you have fueled you will be inclined to have much success.

~This industry has brought forth many multi millionaires and still to this day continues to do so.  Surround yourself with those that are willing to be supportive of this journey you see for yourself.  Take a good look at the company you keep.  If they for what ever reason don’t seem to be going in the direction you want for yourself then it’s time to look for new associates.

~Are you marketing yourself or a product…Perhaps both?  I think in everything you do you should see yourself in it.  With that being said,  If you are in a company that is selling a health supplements for example, then you should see yourself in the product in order to attain the results you seek within the company.  It’s only fair because if you can’t see yourself in the product that you are promoting to others then they will not see themselves in it thus leading you to not seal the deal.

~Are you approachable and coachable…Perhaps both?  Too often persons in marketing get caught up in the $$money$$ of it all. Not that money’s not important however more important should be the lasting relationships that come from the business.  It makes a big difference whether you can only capture a group of people who are interested in your business or you can capture and lead a group of people up the ladder of success with you.  Don’t be afraid to make yourself available to those you want to do business with.  In the long run you will have partners that will trust you on other ventures.

~Can you be a cheerleader for those around you at a time when you feel you aren’t having much success?  It’s always a great look to be appreciative for everything around you.  The good times and bad even when they are happening to someone else.  Nothing shows what a stand up person you are more than celebrating the success of someone when you yourself  haven’t tasted that success.  Work towards being supportive of those around you that are building a businesses for themselves.  Blessings happen when you least expect it. When you remove yourself from the equation and highlight someone else positive results come to you.

~What ever you decide to involve yourself in I ask that you give it you all.  Give 210% and at the least 12 months of hard work.  Nothing will come to you on a silver platter.  If you work at it, learn from those around you, above you, below you, and sprinkle in a little of  that special something that is within you, you will go far.

A Short list of keynotes that can be the difference between success and failure at whatever you do in life!                            *Be encouraged and encouraging*



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  1. superads24
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 17:55:15

    Nice Blogg you have made here!



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