Whether you believe in God and reaping what you sow or karma or what have you – it’s important to treat other people well.

Never allow the actions of another dictate how you will interact with people. Let your light shine in all situations despite how others feel or think. Your authentic self will carry more weight with people than your people pleasing.

I’m a giving and caring person and I try my best to do what I can for those that are in need within my abilities. The biggest test for me is to not let the actions of others take that kindness I have for helping away from me because they are acting in a manner that isn’t deserving. I try my best to stay true to me…However, this is a struggle because I realize some people in my eyes aren’t deserving of my giving spirit. I do realize that I can’t look at them through my some times slanted eyes of judgement no matter how right it is. I have to be just as open hearted as the God that I serve has been to me.

The power of giving works in all areas of your life…
Do you want to be treated with respect? Give respect to everyone around you.
Do you want people to like you? Start liking other people and show them you care.
Do you want the world to be a better place? Start giving your time and energy to help make the world a better place. Perhaps you would you like to have a million dollars? If so, don’t think about trying to make a million dollars. Instead, think of a way you can give a million dollars worth of value.

If you put positivity out there in the universe, you will receive that same positivity back. Not necessarily immediately or exactly the way you want it, but you will definitely receive it back. So start sowing positivity by treating others in a kind manner today.

My wish is that this changes the mind and heart of at least one person, and that, that person passes the message on.

Have a Great Day


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Tamara’s Time

March 2011
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