Seize The Opportunity

“He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed.”
~William James

Don’t be so quick to pass judgement on things you are unfamiliar with. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn. You may find yourself in a position to be a blessing to someone else. Everything isn’t meant for everyone. However, knowledge is power. The power to share with others a blessing that only came your way. Don’t be quick to judge people. For those you feel will won’t and those you think won’t will. It’s a common misunderstanding we all share that we are a better judger of others abilities.

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
Learn to get out of your own way. Be are the biggest critiques of our own lives.

Wishing you all the Best

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”
~Albert Einstein


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Tamara’s Time

March 2011
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